Monday, August 4, 2008

Eating Abroad: Wishbone, ya'll!

Evening Two in Chicago brought us to a Southern/Cajun restaurant called Wishbone. Because it was a Monday, it was not too crowded, but apparently this place gets lines out the door. It is a large restaurant with a large covered patio. The patio looks into the street or up to balconies of very lucky people who live within walking distance of take-out. The place has a lot of character and our server was quite entertaining, walking around and singing Aretha to herself. Fitting, I thought.

(If you haven't noticed yet, I comment UNDER photos, I hope that is okay.)

We started with a couple appetizers, one was a recommendation. We had the crab cake, which was what a good crab cake should be...full of crab, a little falling apart due to its amount of crab to bread. Perfect. It had a "Yankee Cole Slaw", which we decided meant "vinegar based" dressing rather than mayo. We also had the shrimp and grits; oh holy hell they were good. Creamy, a little spice to the shrimp, and there was bacon, mushroom, and tomato involved. I wish I just had ordered three of these. And the third was a corn cake, also with cajun shrimp. It was good, but dude, there was BACON with the grits. Enough Said.

One of my dining companions ordered the chicken etoufee. Now, if this had been CRAWFISH Etoufee, I would've ordered it in a heart beat! It was creamy and rich, and it could've used a bit more heat, but that is why there was hot sauce on the table.
This photo is BLURRY! Sorry!
And my order was for Jambalaya (I wish I could put a sound bite here of Newman saying "JambalaYA"). It was plentiful, and chunky, and tasty! Loved the chicken, as it was nice chunks of chicken breast. The sausage was very good as well, and I didn't really want to eat too much of the rice. Sadly, I could not take home leftovers, as I bet it would ROCK day two.

My other two dining companions ordered grilled chicken dishes: one blackened, one with mango. The Mango, pictured, was tasty. She had an enormous side of greens, which I didn't sample. And we all shared a side of macaroni and cheese. The mac and cheese was standard, but not exceptional.

I did not take a photo of dessert, because of my shame. Too full for dessert normally, I had to try the bread pudding, as it had NO raisins, which is just the way I like it. It was also cut like a piece of pie, which I thought was a nice change! Our server, I mentioned she was funny, told us to, "Just sit and breathe out awhile" before eating dessert so we had more room in our bodies. It seemed to work. And the bread pudding was awesome!

A Quick Shoe Rant: Wedges from Victoria's Secret will cut the beejeezus out of your ankles. I don't know why I am surprised. But walking barefoot from a train station to your hotel is both gross and dangerous. Happily no stubbed toes ensued...but I did go and purchase sensible shoes from Ann Taylor Loft to replace the Hell Shoes.

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